This patch series gives Git::SVN and Git::SVN::Ra accessors for
path and url and then makes the rest of the code use them, rather
than grab at $obj->{path} and $obj->{url}.  This then will give
us the control necessary to canonicalize them as early as
possible (done in the next patch series).

There are plenty of other places in the code which will benefit
from accessors and functions, but those will come later.  path
and url were the most obvious.

This is a refactoring and has no functional change.  All git-svn
tests pass with SVN 1.6 for each patch.

This goes on top of my previous patch series to extract other
classes.  That hasn't been reviewed yet, but both that and this are
a simple patch series and I figure we can review a bit ahead.

This is the last refactoring patch series.  After this bugs, start
getting fixed.

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