On 2012.7.27 8:10 PM, Jonathan Nieder wrote:
>> This is the last refactoring patch series.  After this bugs, start
>> getting fixed.
> I just wanted to say thanks for your thoughtful presentation of this
> code.  I was worried before, but these have been pleasantly submitted.

You're welcome.  I've gained at least three levels in rebasing in the process.

> If you have a chance at some point to offer advice, I'd love to add
> the information to Documentation/SubmittingPatches that was missing.
> Proposed text is ideal, but outline form or a list of missing aspects
> and confusing existing coverage would be fine, too.

Remind me when I'm done with the 1.7 fix please?

You are wicked and wrong to have broken inside and peeked at the
implementation and then relied upon it.
        -- tchrist in <31832.969261130@chthon>
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