This patch series fixes git-svn for SVN 1.7 tested against SVN 1.7.5 and
1.6.18.  Patch 7/8 is where SVN 1.7 starts passing.

There is one exception. fails 11-13.  This appears
to be due to a bug in SVN to do with symlinks.  Leave that for somebody
else, this is the final submission in the series.

The work was difficult because the code relies on simple string equalty
when comparing URLs and paths.  Turning on canonicalization in one part
of the code would cause another part to fail if it also did not
canonicalize.  There's likely still issues.

A better solution would be to have path and URL objects which overload
the eq operator and automatically stringify canonicalized and escaped.

This patch series should be placed on top of the previous which
made accessors canonicalize.  I'm getting a bit ahead of things
by submitting it now, but I'd like to get the review process

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