Michael G. Schwern wrote:

> Rather than guess what SVN is going to do for each version, make the test use
> the branch name that was actually created.
> -             git rev-parse "refs/remotes/not-a%40{0}reflog"
> +             git rev-parse "refs/remotes/$non_reflog"

Doesn't this defeat the point of the testcase (checking that git-svn
is able to avoid creating git refs containing @{, following the rules
from git-check-ref-format(1))?

Do you know when SVN truncates the directory name?  Would historical
SVN repositories or historical SVN servers be able to have a directory
named with a %40 in it, or has this been disallowed completely,
leaving problematic historical repositories to be dumped with old SVN,
tweaked, and reloaded with new SVN?

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