sometimes git communicates with something that's not git on the other
side (gitolite and github for example).

Sometimes the server wants to communicate directly to the git user.

git isn't really designed for this. gitolite solves this by do user
interaction on STDERR instead. The bad thing about this is that it can
only be one-direction communication, for example error messages.

If git would allow for the user to interact direct with the server, a
lot of cool and and userfriendly features could be developed.

For example:
gitolite has something called wild repos[1]. The management is
cumbersome and if you misspell when you clone a repo you might instead
create a new repo.

This could have been avoided with a simply:
"Do you want to create a new repo[Yn]"

To fix this, git protocol should have a command for printing input to
STDOUT and accepting input on STDIN which should be sent to the server.
And a command to switch back to orginal of course.

The server could then switch to user interaction, do that and then
switch back to normal operation.

Before eventually starting to implement this, I would know your
opinions. This feature would be wortless if it's not in the official git.

[1] http://sitaramc.github.com/gitolite/wild.html
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