Am 27.07.2012 13:45, schrieb Thomas Rast:
> Scott Chacon <> writes:
>> GitHub would like to volunteer to organize and pay for these events
>> this year.  I would like to hold the developer-centric one in Berlin
>> in early October
> Yay, Berlin!  I would be glad to join there; I would probably not have
> the time and resources to travel to SF this year.

Same here.

>> For those of you who *have* been to a GitTogether, what did you find
>> useful and/or useless about it?  What did you get out of it and would
>> like to see again?  For those of you who have never been, what do you
>> think would be useful?  I was thinking for both of them to have a
>> combination of short prepared talks, lightning/unconference style
>> talks and general discussion / breakout sessions.
> I was at the 2010 GitTogether in Mountain View.  I really liked the
> unconference format, and the way Shawn and Junio used it: just using the
> topic stickers as a sort of todo-list, not actually fixing any schedule
> in advance.  Oddly enough we also managed to avoid the usual consequence
> of open-ended discussions: getting stuck endlessly on an absolutely
> insignificant point.

Yup, the unconference format with both common and breakout sessions
worked really well.

> I think the discussions were very productive.  I would love to do more
> hacking than we managed in 2010, but I realize that this is not possible
> if we just meet for 2-3 days.  Perhaps one option would be to plan for
> 1-2 days of hacking after the discussion rounds, so that the interested
> people can stay a bit longer?

I really like that idea and would vote for 3-4 days (maybe including a
weekend for those of us who have to take a leave from work ;-).
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