Jiang Xin <worldhello....@gmail.com> writes:

> L10n teams:
> New "git.pot" is generated from git v1.7.12-rc0. L10n teams can get it
> from the usual place and start translation.
>  * https://github.com/git-l10n/git-po/commits/master
> This update is quite small:
>     l10n: Update git.pot (4 new, 3 removed messages)
>     Generate po/git.pot from v1.7.12-rc0-54-g9e211, and there are 4 new,
>     3 removed l10n messages.
>      * 4 new messages are added at lines:
>        1254, 1264, 1459, 1523
>      * 3 old messages are deleted from the previous version at lines:
>        1254, 1273, 2854
> I am not sure whether Junio would like to merge new new i18n commits
> to the upcoming 1.7.12, but I bet there would be more i18n/l10n works
> in the future. (I would contribute more i18n update since I begin to
> update my book on Git in Chinese, any untranslated output would be fixed.)

I was of mixed mind regarding the script i18n, given the series came
fairly late in the cycle.

I'll merge two topics (jx/i18n-1.7.11 and nd/maint-i18n-diffstat)
immediately after 1.7.12-rc1 I am cutting today, so we would need
another round of work from the translators.

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