L10n teams,

As Junio has already merged i18n topic branches and last round of l10n
commits, New round of translation begins. This update of "po/git.pot" is
not trival.

You can fetch this update at the usual place and start translation:

 * https://github.com/git-l10n/git-po/commits/master

Commit log for this update:

    l10n: Update git.pot (76 new, 4 removed messages)

    Generate po/git.pot from v1.7.12-rc1-16-g05a20, and there are 76 new,
    4 removed l10n messages.

     * 76 new messages are added at lines:

       230, 337-580, 4972, 4984, 4998, 5017, 5280-5378, 5654

     * 4 old messages are deleted from the previous version at lines:

       230, 4729, 4764, 5295

    Signed-off-by: Jiang Xin <worldhello....@gmail.com>

Jiang Xin
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