Thomas Gummerer <> writes:

> The test t2104 currently checks if the index version is correctly
> reduced to 2/increased to 3, when an entry need extended flags,
> or doesn't use them anymore. Since index-v5 doesn't have extended
> flags (the extended flags are part of the normal flags), we simply
> add a check if the index version is 2/3 (whichever is correct for
> that test) or 5.

Next time we set a new index format as default (which might be when we
make v4 the default!), we'll have to patch this again.  Wouldn't it make
more sense to let them depend on a "default index format is v2"

> -test_expect_success 'index is at version 2' '
> -     test "$(test-index-version < .git/index)" = 2
> +test_expect_success 'index is at version 2 or version 5' '
> +     test "$(test-index-version < .git/index)" = 2 ||
> +     test "$(test-index-version < .git/index)" = 5
>  '

Thomas Rast
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