Thomas Rast <> writes:

> Thomas Gummerer <> writes:
>> The test t2104 currently checks if the index version is correctly
>> reduced to 2/increased to 3, when an entry need extended flags,
>> or doesn't use them anymore. Since index-v5 doesn't have extended
>> flags (the extended flags are part of the normal flags), we simply
>> add a check if the index version is 2/3 (whichever is correct for
>> that test) or 5.
> Next time we set a new index format as default (which might be when we
> make v4 the default!), we'll have to patch this again.  Wouldn't it make
> more sense to let them depend on a "default index format is v2"
> prerequisite?

My preference is not to change the default index version for now,
and for a test that specifically checks features of a particular
index version, force the index version near the beginning of test
using "update-index --index-version $num".

For t2104, I think forcing the index version to 2 at the beginning
and not worry about v4 or later at all would be the right thing to
do.  That way, we will make sure older versions are still supported
with the new code that is capable of reading and writing newer ones.

>> -test_expect_success 'index is at version 2' '
>> -    test "$(test-index-version < .git/index)" = 2
>> +test_expect_success 'index is at version 2 or version 5' '
>> +    test "$(test-index-version < .git/index)" = 2 ||
>> +    test "$(test-index-version < .git/index)" = 5
>>  '
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