Johannes Sixt <> writes:

> And the reason for this is that we always told people "don't use seq"
> and they submitted an updated patch. What would we have to do now? We
> have to tell them "don't use seq, use test_seq". Therefore, the patch
> does not accomplish anything useful, IMO.
> The function should really just be named 'seq'.
> Or how about this strategy:
> ...
> but it is not my favorite.

Why not?  That implementation looks like a logical and natural
consequence of "should relly just be named 'seq'" suggestion.

Having said that, we already say "don't use cmp, use test_cmp", so
it might not be such a big deal, even though I find the reasoning in
the first paragraph I quoted above from your message quite sane and
convincing to me.
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