Excerpts from Tay Ray Chuan's message of Sun Aug 05 21:56:55 -0400 2012:

> > I've also briefly dabbled with getting Solaris to simply use the
> > HAVE_DEV_TTY code path but the terminal echo stuff hasn't worked
> > nicely for me just yet.  (It reads the password with nothing
> > echoed but then displays the string after reading the newline.)
> > This might still be a better approach in the future, but for now,
> > having long password reading capability will still be a benefit to
> > users on this platform.
> Replacing
>     if (!echo) {
>         putc('\n', fh);
>         fflush(fh);
>     }
> with
>     if (!echo)
>         write(term_fd, "\n", 1);
> fixed that. Using fd's instead of FILE* was mentioned at [1]. Perhaps
> that is the direction to go in.

Oh, interesting.  I'd missed your update of this thread earlier
today.  It may make sense to do everything via file descriptors
directly as you suggested in your comments on that patch.

Ben Walton
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