Previous rounds of this series were on $gmane/202752 and $gmane/202923.

This round includes a major change, as it is splitting up read-cache.c
into read-cache.c, read-cache-v2.c and read-cache-v5.c.  It uses
index->ops to call the specific functions as suggested by Duy.

It also changes the index format slightly, removing the size from the
stat_crc and adding it as separate field, as suggested by Robin.  This
makes the format incompatible with the one in the previous two series.

[PATCH/RFC 01/13] Move index v2 specific functions to their own file
This previously was patch 1/2/3/4, but since the code is now moved
to a different file, it seems to make more sense to do it in one patch.
Also moved the size check to the verify_hdr functions for the respective
index formats.

[PATCH/RFC 02/13] t2104: Don't fail for index versions other than
Do the update index at the very beginning.

[PATCH/RFC 03/13] t3700: Avoid interfering with the racy code
Instead of sleeping for a second, test-chmtime now uses an absolute
time, to avoid the racy code.

[PATCH/RFC 04/13] Add documentation of the index-v5 file format
Added the size to the cache-entries.

[PATCH/RFC 05/13] Make in-memory format aware of stat_crc
Removed size from the stat_crc.

[PATCH/RFC 06/13] Read index-v5
Changed the pointer arithmetic to not use void * directly, by
casting it to a char * first.

[PATCH/RFC 07/13] Read resolve-undo data
[PATCH/RFC 08/13] Read cache-tree in index-v5
[PATCH/RFC 09/13] Write index-v5
[PATCH/RFC 10/13] Write index-v5 cache-tree data
[PATCH/RFC 11/13] Write resolve-undo data for index-v5
[PATCH/RFC 12/13] update-index.c: always rewrite the index when
Instead of using a force-rewrite option, always rewrite the index
if a index-version is given.

[PATCH/RFC 13/13] add perf test for the index
Instead of using the force-rewrite option, which was removed from
update-index, use git update-index --index-version=n for doing the
preformance testing.
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