Nguyen Thai Ngoc Duy <> writes:

>> +struct index_ops v5_ops = {
>> +       match_stat_basic,
>> +       verify_hdr,
>> +       read_index_v5,
>> +       NULL
>> +};
> If you do it right, putting write_index_v2 here should work because
> in-core structure is not changed (except that write_index_v2 is static
> function, well..). Maybe putting write_index to this struct is a wrong
> decision. We should be able to read_index_v5+write_index_v2 and
> read_index_v2+write_index_v5.

The "right way" is to have a global API function

    write_index_in_format(int version, int fd);

which calls "the_index->index_ops.write_index[version](the_index, fd)",
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