Jeff King <> writes:

> Thanks for confirming the push side. I have been running with the patch
> for months, but only recently happened to try cloning something from

Note that I didn't "confirm" the fix.  I only confirmed the
existence of the breakage (not that I have any reason to doubt the
competence your "fix" patches were made with).

When evaluating a change in the interoperability area, it does not
add much more confidence to the correctness that the change has been
in use for months with the same partner than that it has been used
to talk to many different partners even for a short period of time,
I guess.

> It was pure coincidence that it happened at the same time you were
> graduating the topic to next. But I'm glad I was able to catch it before
> anybody started complaining. :)

Yeah, the problematic one is not in 'master'.
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