Bernd Jendrissek <> writes:

> $ /usr/local/git/bin/git diff-files -p --color --
> diff --git a/gnetlist/tests/common/outputs/osmond/
> b/gnetlist/tests/common/outputs/osmond/
> index a5ee1e7..a9f3620 100644

> $ /usr/local/git/bin/git diff TwoStageAmp-output.netdiff --git
> a/gnetlist/tests/common/outputs/osmond/
> b/gnetlist/tests/common/outputs/osmond/TwoStageAmp-output.n
> index a5ee1e7..a9f3620 100644

What's surprising is that both diff show the same "index" line, so both
commands actually diff the same content, and then show a different

You can try something like

git cat-file blob a5ee1e7 > /tmp/staged.txt
diff -u /tmp/staged.txt TwoStageAmp-output.netdiff

to recover the content from the index (Thomas' version should also work
and give the same result), and use another diff tool. This "diff -u"
should give you an output similar to one of "git diff" and "git
diff-files" (my understanding is that it should match diff-files, and
"git diff" is the one being wrong here).

Matthieu Moy
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