On Tue, Aug 14, 2012 at 10:18 AM, Thomas Rast <tr...@student.ethz.ch> wrote:
> That sounds like an issue with stat() data, and then it doesn't.  cp -a
> would change all the inode numbers, triggering a full refresh of the
> index in 'git diff'.  But I'm not sure exactly how this can lead to
> disagreement, since both commands read *both* index and worktree version
> of the file.  Very confusing.
> Can you try the following:
>   git ls-files --debug 
> gnetlist/tests/common/outputs/osmond/TwoStageAmp-output.net
>   cp .git/index .git/index.orig
>   touch gnetlist/tests/common/outputs/osmond/TwoStageAmp-output.net
>   # note, it is important that you run diff first
>   git diff gnetlist/tests/common/outputs/osmond/TwoStageAmp-output.net
>   git diff-files -p 
> gnetlist/tests/common/outputs/osmond/TwoStageAmp-output.net
>   git ls-files --debug 
> gnetlist/tests/common/outputs/osmond/TwoStageAmp-output.net

I'm can't tell what this was supposed to prove, but I think it's
proven that I'm in the wrong mailing list, and that I should be taking
this up with gnome-terminal. The Q1 part deletion line seems to be
appearing (in the terminal) only after I've copy&pasted it into
another terminal.

Running the same commands in xterm (correctly) shows the Q1 part
deletion line without having to copy & paste.

At this point I doubt there's much value in publishing the output, but
just in case (and it may be relevant when i take it to
gnome-terminal), it's here:


Note that line 104 of that output appears in the same terminal from
which I copy&paste it only after I switch back to it, after having
pasted the output. Oi vey.

>> http://www.bpj-code.co.za/downloads.php/bugs/TwoStageAmp-output.net?text
>> contains the output from git show a5ee1e7. Leave off the ?text for an
>> application/octet-stream download.
> Umm, that's only one side of the diff, isn't it?  The hunk header claims
> that the hunk goes up to line 47, so there must be more changes beyond
> what you showed.

You're right - the hunk isn't even self-consistent!
is the "bad" diff, and I count only 46 lines of (context + deletions),
while the hunk header claims the (correct) 47 lines corresponding to
the whole file covered in the hunk.

Thanks for your time; I'm fairly convinced now that git is just an
innocent accessory to another program's bug.
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