Michal Novotny <minov...@redhat.com> writes:

> this is the patch to limit repositories to be shown by the
> ServerName in the gitweb.cgi script. This is useful for cases
> you're hosting multiple websites on a single machine and you don't
> want all the repos to be shown in all of them.
> ...
> Use case scenario: Imagine you have one server running HTTPd
>                    for 3 domains, let's call them domain1,
>                    domain2 and domain3, and you want all of
>                    them to have a git server accessible via
>                    gitweb at these URLs:
>                    1) http://domain1/git
>                    2) http://domain2/git
>                    3) http://domain3/git

I do not run gitweb myself, but isn't the problem you are describing
merely a symptom caused by your <VirtualHost /> sections that are
not configured correctly, and instead having a single instance of
gitweb cgi enabled for all the virtual hosts?  Why does such a
physical host want to have git repositories for different domains in
a single place that is covered by a single instance of gitweb (hence
a single $projectroot) in the first place?  After all, domain1's
notion of "kernel git repository" http://domain1/git/kernel.git
might be totally different from that of domain2's, so wouldn't it be
far more natural to have one $projectroot (hence one instance of
gitweb) per such domains, configured in their own <VirtualHost />

Also, there may even be http://domain3/git that does not want to be
served by gitweb but something else, e.g. cgit, on the same physical
host, and in such a case, the approach taken by this patch still uses
gitweb only to fail the request without letting cgit have its
chance, no?
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