On 08/14/2012 10:04 AM, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> Michal Novotny <minov...@redhat.com> writes:
>> this is the patch to limit repositories to be shown by the
>> ServerName in the gitweb.cgi script. This is useful for cases
>> you're hosting multiple websites on a single machine and you don't
>> want all the repos to be shown in all of them.
>> ...
>> Use case scenario: Imagine you have one server running HTTPd
>>                    for 3 domains, let's call them domain1,
>>                    domain2 and domain3, and you want all of
>>                    them to have a git server accessible via
>>                    gitweb at these URLs:
>>                    1) http://domain1/git
>>                    2) http://domain2/git
>>                    3) http://domain3/git
> I do not run gitweb myself, but isn't the problem you are describing
> merely a symptom caused by your <VirtualHost /> sections that are
> not configured correctly, and instead having a single instance of
> gitweb cgi enabled for all the virtual hosts?  Why does such a
> physical host want to have git repositories for different domains in
> a single place that is covered by a single instance of gitweb (hence
> a single $projectroot) in the first place?  After all, domain1's
> notion of "kernel git repository" http://domain1/git/kernel.git
> might be totally different from that of domain2's, so wouldn't it be
> far more natural to have one $projectroot (hence one instance of
> gitweb) per such domains, configured in their own <VirtualHost />
> sections?
> Also, there may even be http://domain3/git that does not want to be
> served by gitweb but something else, e.g. cgit, on the same physical
> host, and in such a case, the approach taken by this patch still uses
> gitweb only to fail the request without letting cgit have its
> chance, no?

The use case scenario is doable with Apache's vhost directives, and is
likely a much better way to accomplish this then trying to teach gitweb
about vhosting.


should give some hints on how this can be done, but the long and the
short is, single install of gitweb with the config file using, say %0,
to dynamically figure out which domain to work from.

- John

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