"George Spelvin" <li...@horizon.com> writes:

> With git's "commit frequently" style, I often find that I end up with a
> commit that includes a typo in a comment or I forgot one call site when
> updating functions or something.
> But it would be really handy if there were a one-step command for doing this.
> Something like "git commit --fixup HEAD~3", where "git commit --fixup HEAD"
> would be equivalent to "git commit --amend".

Umm, --fixup is already taken and makes the subject be 'fixup! <subject
of argument>'.  This can then be used by rebase -i --autosquash (or
rebase.autosquash=true) to automatically put the fixup(s) that have
accumulated into the right places.  In addition, git-rebase learned to
automatically use the upstream as the default base.

So for me it's usually a matter of

  git add -p
  git commit --fixup=...
  # repeat the above two until all fixups are lined up
  git rebase -i
  # close editor without making changes

Is that still too much effort?

<plug mode=shameless>

The ideas discussed in
also help selecting the fixup argument more quickly.


Thomas Rast
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