On 08/17/2012 05:47 PM, George Spelvin wrote:
With git's "commit frequently" style, I often find that I end up with a
commit that includes a typo in a comment or I forgot one call site when
updating functions or something.

And it's a few commits later before I notice the simple oops.

This is of course fixable by making a commit, rebase -i HEAD~4 (or whatever),
and marking the fixup for squashing into the previous commit.

But it would be really handy if there were a one-step command for doing this.

Something like "git commit --fixup HEAD~3", where "git commit --fixup HEAD"
would be equivalent to "git commit --amend". [...]

Have you tried "git rebase --autosquash"? It does part of what you are asking for and additionally allows multiple fixup commits to be queued up and processed in a single rebase.


Michael Haggerty
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