Thanks for the reviews!
This series contains the follwing improvements. 
I decided to summarize them here, sorted by topic instead of
attaching them to the patches.

- remove all merge garbage and debugging legacy (hopefully).
- reviews: style
- reorder patches

- review: refactor (fct -> fn), style
- fix command batch detection
- setup_git_dir, make non-gentle.
- die on unknown commands, instead of warning

contrib/svn-fe/Makefile, symlink:
- remove symlink-creating commit
- create symlink after linking remote-svn in Makefile
- the makefile is meant as a temporary solution. Therefore, it chooses
  openssl/sha1.h unconditionally.

- new patch: add argv_array_detach and argv_array_free_detached

- use those new functions
- free argv always after finish_command.
- remove patch that containing unconditional activation of --export-marks
  --import-marks on fast-import command line.

- instead use fast-import's 'feature' command to activate marks import/export.
- use a more decriptive path for storing marks files.


 [PATCH/RFC v4 01/16] Implement a remote helper for svn in C.
 [PATCH/RFC v4 02/16] Integrate remote-svn into svn-fe/Makefile.
 [PATCH/RFC v4 03/16] Add svndump_init_fd to allow reading dumps from
 [PATCH/RFC v4 04/16] Add argv_array_detach and
 [PATCH/RFC v4 05/16] Connect fast-import to the remote-helper via
 [PATCH/RFC v4 06/16] Add documentation for the 'bidi-import'
 [PATCH/RFC v4 07/16] When debug==1, start fast-import with "--stats"
 [PATCH/RFC v4 08/16] remote-svn, vcs-svn: Enable fetching to private
 [PATCH/RFC v4 09/16] Allow reading svn dumps from files via file://
 [PATCH/RFC v4 10/16] vcs-svn: add fast_export_note to create notes
 [PATCH/RFC v4 11/16] Create a note for every imported commit
 [PATCH/RFC v4 12/16] remote-svn: Activate import/export-marks for
 [PATCH/RFC v4 13/16] remote-svn: add incremental import.
 [PATCH/RFC v4 14/16] Add a svnrdump-simulator replaying a dump file
 [PATCH/RFC v4 15/16] remote-svn: add marks-file regeneration.
 [PATCH/RFC v4 16/16] Add a test script for remote-svn.
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