On Friday 17 August 2012 21:16:59 Junio C Hamano wrote:
> Comments from mentors and people interested in remote helpers?
> I did minimum line wrapping, typofix and small compilation fixes
> and queued these on 'pu'; I think I saw one commit whose message
> I didn't quite get what it was trying to say, and another that was
> missing S-o-b (I left them untouched).

Should I provide a better version? I found the commit that I forgot to sign-
off, but I'm not sure which message you mean.

> The result merged to 'pu' seems to fail 9020, by the way.

That's because contrib/svn-fe isn't built automatically if you call make in 
the toplevel dir. 
It dies with "fatal: Unable to find remote helper for 'svn'", because the 
helper is not built. We currently need to run make in contrib/svn-fe 
That's a bit awkward.

Just checked how it works for svn-fe. It has a seperate test program (test-
svn-fe.c) which is in the toplevel dir and built here, while for svn-fe 
itself, it's the same as for remote-svn. 

Don't know what to do about that.

> Thanks.
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