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> From: "Stephen Bash" <b...@genarts.com>
> Sent: Friday, August 17, 2012 9:48:45 AM
> Subject: "Temporary merge branch 2" Conflicts
> Given this branch history:
>  ---------M------M---M-------> dev
>      \   /      /   /
>       --------------           v1-maint
>             \   \   \
>              ----M---M-------> v1.5-maint
> I am attempting to merge v1.5-maint into dev.

Turns out (not surprisingly) the graph is not that simple.  I have multiple 
(disjoint) merge bases:

  $ git merge-base --all dev v1.5-maint 
  $ git rev-list --ancestry-path 5ff4cb0..ad9ed6c

A little investigation of 5ff4cb0 shows the branch structure looks more like:

       A-----C---------> v1-maint
      /      |\
 ----o       | \
      \      |  \
       B     |   \
       |\    |    \
 ------|-M---|-----M---> v1.5-maint
       |     |
 ------M-----M---------> dev

B is 5ff4cb0 and C is ad9ed6c (with several months and commits separating 
them).  A and B are tree-same (the only difference is the commit time and the 
log message).  Again, I'm attempting to merge v1.5-maint into dev.

> Googling around I found a few mentions of these temporary merge
> branches, e.g. $gmane/157591, but I don't think we have any
> criss-cross merges.

And now I'm convinced I do have some form of degenerate merge case.  I made 
several attempts to dig myself out of this hole, but failed.  

What is the recommended method for resolving this sort of merge?  kdiff3 
obviously doesn't understand the situation.  Do the working tree files contain 
all the conflicts?  If so, I can just go through by hand and resolve the 
conflicts the old fashion way.

Separately, is mergetool passing the correct base file to the external tool if 
I'm seeing "Temporary merge branch" conflicts in it?  (I'm using git

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