Hi all-

Given this branch history:

 ---------M------M---M-------> dev
     \   /      /   /
      --------------           v1-maint
            \   \   \
             ----M---M-------> v1.5-maint

I am attempting to merge v1.5-maint into dev.  There are some expected 
conflicts, but when I start mergetool (kdiff3) there are also a lot of conflict 
markers in the base that look like this

<<<<<<< Temporary merge branch 1
    ... code here ...
    ... more code here ...
>>>>>>> Temporary merge branch 2

which confuse kdiff3.  Googling around I found a few mentions of these 
temporary merge branches, e.g. $gmane/157591, but I don't think we have any 
criss-cross merges.  Can anyone provide some advice?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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