On Sat, 2012-08-18 at 15:25 +0100, Richard Purdie wrote:
> A while ago I reported a problem[1] where having:
> /somewhere/foo
> and
> /somewhere/foo.git
> as bare repositories and trying to clone them using alternates could
> cause git to confuse them.
> The "conclusion" was that I needed to do:
> git clone -s -n /somewhere/foo/ x
> to stop it looking at the .git version. Ok, fine. Ugly but I can live
> with it and we added the workaround[2].
> I've now discovered we only half solved the problem. Whilst the
> alternates might get setup correctly, the branch names and revisions get
> fetched from the .git version still.
> It appears that even if you have a repository setup with an origin url
> of "/somewhere/foo/", when you run git fetch origin -f  refs/*:refs/*,
> it will look at foo.git if it exists.
> The problem is the trailing slash is stripped off by the code in
> git-fetch itself. It appears to have done this since it was converted
> from a .sh function. It means it appears impossible to fetch the
> branchnames/revisions from foo when foo.git exists.
> I work with build systems that build complete linux systems and we're
> running into failures caused by this. I really need pre-existing
> versions of git to work so I can't even patch git to work around the
> problem without significant cost. So far the only way I've figured out
> to avoid this is to create a symlink to /somewhere/foo/ and then set url
> to point at the symlink. This way I can prevent it from finding the
> other directory.
> I thought I'd mention this in the hopes git can be fixed to behave
> better in this situation and perhaps I can drop the hacks I'm going to
> have to add sometime in the future.

I'd add that I think the commit made for the original problem[1] has
fixed this scenario since it now will prefer foo over foo.git also in
the fetch case even if the / is removed from the url. My test machines
don't have that version yet though and I'm left with a problem where git
is older than 




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