Richard Purdie <> writes:

> I'd add that I think the commit made for the original problem[1] has
> fixed this scenario since it now will prefer foo over foo.git also in
> the fetch case even if the / is removed from the url.


As understand it, these "check various possibilities e.g. $name,
$name.git $name/.git" were never meant to be a way to encourage
users to have multiple repositories next to each other under
confusing names in the first place.  It was merely to allow users to
have one of them (some may prefer $name/ that is with working tree,
so we allow $name/.git to be discovered, while some may want to have
a bare repository at $name.git that is bare, so we also allow it to
be discovered).  The recent tweak was to favor the case where the
name asked explicitly by the user is matched first, and it does not
fundamentally change the intent of the basic design in any way.

Thanks for confirming that the tweak works well for you.

> My test machines
> don't have that version yet though and I'm left with a problem where git
> is older than 

So what do you want to see happen next?

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