"Joachim Schmitz" <j...@schmitz-digital.de> writes:

> OK, I'll go for a compat/mkdir.c though.

No.  See below.

> We shouldn't call it tandem.c as Tandem, the Company, doesn't exist anymore
> and since more than a decade (bough by Compaq, then HP), only the __TANDEM
> survived in our compiler and headers/libraries. Could call it NonStop.c, but
> I don't really like that idea either, I'd rather keep it more generic, just
> in case someone else might need it too, or that issue someday gets fixed for
> NonStop.

compat/hp_nonstop.c is also fine, but I think matching "#ifdef __TANDEM" is
the most sensible.

And I wouldn't call it just "mkdir", as it is more likely than not
that we will find other incompatibilities that needs to be absorbed
in the compat/ layer, and we can add it to compat/tandem.c, but not
to compat/mkdir.c, as that will be another nonstop specific tweak. 
A separate file, compat/tandem/mkdir.c, is fine, though.

> I'll go for git_mkdir(), similar to other git wrappers, (like for mmap,
> pread, fopen, snprintf, vsnprintf, qsort).

Again, no.  Your breakage is that having underlying system mkdir
that does not understand trailing slash, which may not be specific
to __TANDEM, but still is _not_ the only possible mode of breakage.
Squatting on a generic "git_mkdir()" name makes it harder for other
people to name their compat mkdir functions to tweak for the
breakage on their platforms.  The examples you listed are all "the
platform does not offer it, so we implement the whole thing" kind,
so it is in a different genre.
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