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> Sent: Monday, August 20, 2012 4:42 PM
> To: Joachim Schmitz
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> Subject: Re: Porting git to HP NonStop
> "Joachim Schmitz" <j...@schmitz-digital.de> writes:
> > OK, I'll go for a compat/mkdir.c though.
> No.  See below.
> > We shouldn't call it tandem.c as Tandem, the Company, doesn't exist
> > anymore and since more than a decade (bough by Compaq, then HP), only
> > the __TANDEM survived in our compiler and headers/libraries. Could
> > call it NonStop.c, but I don't really like that idea either, I'd
> > rather keep it more generic, just in case someone else might need it
> > too, or that issue someday gets fixed for NonStop.
> compat/hp_nonstop.c is also fine, but I think matching "#ifdef __TANDEM"
> the most sensible.
> And I wouldn't call it just "mkdir", as it is more likely than not that we
will find
> other incompatibilities that needs to be absorbed in the compat/ layer,
and we
> can add it to compat/tandem.c, but not to compat/mkdir.c, as that will be
> another nonstop specific tweak.

I haven't found any other to be needed. Well, poll, maybe, but with only
minor tweaks for the win32 one works for me (and those tweaks are compatible
with win32

> A separate file, compat/tandem/mkdir.c, is fine, though.
> > I'll go for git_mkdir(), similar to other git wrappers, (like for
> > mmap, pread, fopen, snprintf, vsnprintf, qsort).
> Again, no.  Your breakage is that having underlying system mkdir that does
> understand trailing slash, which may not be specific to __TANDEM, but
still is
> _not_ the only possible mode of breakage.

Well, it is the only one GNUlib's mkdir caters for and I'd regard that an
authoritative source...

> Squatting on a generic "git_mkdir()" name makes it harder for other people
> name their compat mkdir functions to tweak for the breakage on their
> platforms.  The examples you listed are all "the platform does not offer
it, so
> we implement the whole thing" kind, so it is in a different genre.

Nope, git_fopen() definitly is a wrapper for fopen(), as is git_vsnprintf()
for vsnprintf().

Bye, Jojo

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