On 08/19/2012 12:21 PM, Marco Schulze wrote:
> On 18-08-2012 14:39, James R. McKaskill wrote:
>> As a twist the code does not use the svn library, but rather talks the
>> svn protocol directly. I actually found it much easier to go this route
>> then trying to bend everything to how the svn library understands
>> things. It also has the advantage of not depending on libsvn. A number
>> of distributions currently distribute the svn specific parts of git
>> seperately to avoid this dependency.
> It is a bit of a pain to work with libsvn, but I think it is worth using 
> it, not only due to protocol support, but also due to ready-to-use 
> support for SVN deltas and dumps.  Pipelining could be implemented by 
> maintaining a set of connections (svn_ra_session_t structures) and 
> manually distributing work between them.

Using libsvn would also have the benefit of letting the Subversion
project worry about forwards and backwards compatibility if the protocol
ever changes.  (They tend to be quite diligent about that.)


Michael Haggerty
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