"Joachim Schmitz" <j...@schmitz-digital.de> writes:

> Hi folks
> On top of the patches I’ve submitted so far, which were needed for HP 
> NonStop, 
> but possibly useful for other platforms too, here is one that is at least in 
> parts NonStop specific
> diff --git a/git-compat-util.h b/git-compat-util.h
> index a047221..d6a142a 100644
> --- a/git-compat-util.h
> +++ b/git-compat-util.h
> @@ -74,7 +74,8 @@
> # define _XOPEN_SOURCE 500
> # endif
> #elif !defined(__APPLE__) && !defined(__FreeBSD__) && !defined(__USLC__) && \
> -      !defined(_M_UNIX) && !defined(__sgi) && !defined(__DragonFly__)
> +      !defined(_M_UNIX) && !defined(__sgi) && !defined(__DragonFly__) && \
> +      !defined(__TANDEM)
> #define _XOPEN_SOURCE 600 /* glibc2 and AIX 5.3L need 500, OpenBSD needs 600 
> fo
> #define _XOPEN_SOURCE_EXTENDED 1 /* AIX 5.3L needs this */
> #endif
> +#ifdef __TANDEM /* or HAVE_STRINGS_H ? */
> +#include <strings.h> /* for strcasecmp() */
> +#endif
> #include <errno.h>
> #include <limits.h>
> #include <sys/param.h>

Yeah, it appears that glibc headers have strcasecmp() and friends in
the <string.h> and that was why majority of us were fine without
including <strings.h>.  A cursory look of /usr/include/strings.h on
a GNU system suggests that it is safe to include <strings.h> after
we incude <string.h> on that platform.

I think it is OK to leave it "__TANDEM /* or HAVE_STRINGS_H? */" for
now and let the next person who wants to port us to a platform that
needs this inclusion turn it to HAVE_STRINGS_H.  Alternatively, we
bite the bullet now and include <strings.h> on any platform that has
the header file and see if anybody complains (that reminds me; I at
least should get one flavor of BSD build environment for this kind
of thing myself).

> @@ -141,6 +145,10 @@
> #else
> #include <stdint.h>
> #endif
> +#ifdef __TANDEM /* or NO_INTPTR_T resp. NO_UINTPTR_T? */
> +typedef int intptr_t;
> +typedef unsigned int uintptr_t;
> +#endif

A bit wider context for this hunk is

        #ifndef NO_INTTYPES_H
        #include <inttypes.h>
        #include <stdint.h>

So we have been assuming that <stdint.h> has intptr_t but __TANDEM
apparently doesn't.  POSIX requires intptr_t and uintptr_t to be
declared for systems conforming to XSI, but otherwise these are
optional (in other words, some XSI non-conforming platforms may have
them in <stdint.h>), so it would not help to check _XOPEN_UNIX to
see if the system is XSI X-<.  We would need NO_INTPTR_T as you
hinted above, perhaps like this.

        #ifndef NO_INTTYPES_H
        #include <inttypes.h>
        #include <stdint.h>
        #ifdef NO_INTPTR_T
        typedef int intptr_t;
        typedef unsigned int uintptr_t;

By the way, is "int" wide enough, or should they be "long"?
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