I wanted to search a repository for all commits that were *not*
committed by a particular person. While I eventually managed to build
a regular expression that worked for my limited use case, it seems
like there ought to be a more sensible way to find the data I'm
looking for.

As an example, this didn't work:

    git log --format=fuller --not --committer="Foo Bar"

Apparently, the --not flag doesn't invert the grep for committer; it
only inverts the revision specifiers. It seems like there should be
something that works like grep's --invert-match option, but I couldn't
find it.

On the other hand, this will work, but is painful and error-prone to
build if you have a lot of committers:

    # Assuming the address is foo....@example.com
    git log --format=fuller --committer='[^r]@'

Is there currently a better way to request logs for "everyone but
committer x" in Git? If not, is this a feature that someone who
understands the Git source might find useful enough to add in?
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