"Todd A. Jacobs" <nospam+listm...@codegnome.org> writes:

> Is there currently a better way to request logs for "everyone but
> committer x" in Git? If not, is this a feature that someone who
> understands the Git source might find useful enough to add in?

No, there is not.

I wouldn't comment on the potential usefulness of such a feature,
but I do not think there is anything fundamentally wrong to enhance
the limited form of "--grep/--author/--committer" the "log" family
of commands currently support to a full "grep boolean expressions"
that is supported by "git grep" command to let you say something

        git log --author=rezrov --grep=nitfol \
                --and \( --committer=xyzzy --or --committer=frotz \) \
                --all --not master

to grab commits from all topics that are not yet merged to 'master',
authored by rezrov and talks about nitfol, that are committed either
by xyzzy or frotz.

The command line syntax to integrate the "grep boolean expressions"
needs to be carefully thought out, as "--not" on the "log" family of
commands is already used to mean something entirely different (it is
a revision range operator), though.

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