Adam Spiers <> writes:

> I was browsing stackoverflow the other day and came across this question:
> A quick google revealed this thread from 2009:
> where Junio and Jeff discussed the possibility of adding a new `git
> check-ignore' subcommand somewhat analogous to the existing `git
> check-attr', and suggested the beginnings of an implementation.  It
> struck me that it might not be too hard to follow these ideas to their
> natural conclusion, so I decided it would make a fun project :-)

Thanks.  I wish there are more people like you ;-)

As to styles, I spotted only three kinds of "Huh?":

 * do not initialise statics to 0 or NULL, e.g.

    -static int exclude_args = 0;
    +static int exclude_args;

 * avoid unnnecessary braces {} around single statement blocks, e.g.

    -if (exclude) {
    +if (exclude)
        return exclude;

 * else should follow close brace '}' of if clause, e.g.

     if (...) {
    -else {
    +} else {

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