Enrico Weigelt <enrico.weig...@vnc.biz> writes:

>> Enrico Weigelt <enrico.weig...@vnc.biz> writes:
>> > * blobs are encrypted with their (original) content hash as
>> >   encryption keys
>> What does this even mean?
>> Is it expected that anybody who has access to the repository can
>> learn names of objects (e.g. by running "ls .git/objects/??/")? If
>> so, from whom are you protecting your repository?
> Well, everybody can access the objects, but they're encrypted,
> so you need the repo key (which, of course isn't contained in
> the repo itself ;-p) to decrypt them.

So, in short, blobs are not encrypted with the hash of their
contents as encryption keys at all.

>> How does this encryption interact with delta compression employed
>> in pack generation?
> Probably not at all ;-o
> For the usecases I have in mind (backups, filesharing, etc) this
> wouldn't hurt so much, if the objects are compressed before encryption.

For that kind of usage pattern, you are better off looking at
encrypted tarballs or zip archives.

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