On Fri, Sep 7, 2012 at 8:34 PM, Enrico Weigelt <enrico.weig...@vnc.biz> wrote:
>> > Well, everybody can access the objects, but they're encrypted,
>> > so you need the repo key (which, of course isn't contained in
>> > the repo itself ;-p) to decrypt them.
>> So, in short, blobs are not encrypted with the hash of their
>> contents as encryption keys at all.
> No, the blobs are encrypted with their content hash as key, and the
> encrypted blob will be stored with it's content hash as object id.
>> > For the usecases I have in mind (backups, filesharing, etc) this
>> > wouldn't hurt so much, if the objects are compressed before
>> > encryption.
>> For that kind of usage pattern, you are better off looking at
>> encrypted tarballs or zip archives.
> No, that doesn't give us anything like history, incremental
> synchronization, etc, etc.
> What I finnaly wanna has is a usual git, just with encryption,
> but I can live with loosing differential compression.

Something like this?


I've never tried it myself, who knows if it works, but google found it
when I searched for "git clean smudge filter encryption".

I hope that helps,
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