Peter Krefting <> writes:

> I was thinking about using git cherry-pick with a list of commits,
> rebase is better at helping with conflicts and such.

Because the three-way merge done by rebase is exactly the same as
cherry-pick, I do not think I understand the reasoning behind this
statement at all.  After the command gives you control back asking
for your help to resolve conflicted merge, the sequencing "rebase"
gives is certainly better than a hand-rolled loop:

        git rev-list --reverse ..... |
        while read commit
                git cherry-pick "$commit" || break


Using "git cherry-pick $(git rev-list --reverse .....)" ought to
work.  It may misbehave only if you have a time skewed commits, but
the 'mz/cherry-pick-cmdline-order' topic recently fixed (it is in
'master' and will be in 1.8.0).
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