Andrew Wong:

Instead of rebasing to "HEAD~", you should be able to do:
   git rebase -i HEAD

Would you look at that, that actually works. So much for not testing that. Thanks, that makes it a lot easier.

Instead of appending your own recipe, you could also abuse the EDITOR environment variable. Say your recipe is stored in a file called "my_recipe". Then, you could do this:
   env EDITOR="cp my_recipe" git rebase -i HEAD

But this could potentially be dangerous because if "rebase" fires up a editor for any other reason (e.g. having a "reword" or "squash" in your recipe), then the commit message will be messed up. So you need to make sure your recipe won't trigger any editor except for the recipe.

Indeed, that's why I don't want to do that.

Perhaps I should add some switch that would append the contents of a specific file to the prebuild recipe, I guess that should be fairly easy. The question is what to call the switch.

\\// Peter -
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