Matthieu Moy <> writes:

> Peter Jones <> writes:
>> Subject: [PATCH] [git-am] Handle "git show" output correctly
> The convention in Git is "<subsystem>: <summary of change>" (i.e. no
> brackets around git-am, just am: and no capital for Handle).
> My other concerns (name of stgit, multi-lines subject lines and lack of
> documentation) still hold.

We do not want to apply "git show" output that munges the log
message, period.

If you want to give patches to somebody (or to yourself) via e-mail
or via sneaker-net, "git format-patch" is there for you.  Do not
butcher "am" to accept a format that is not meant for patch
transport in the first place.

If you want to screw something in to your shelf, you would use a
screw and a screwdriver.  You do not try to hammer a nail using your
screwdriver, find that the screwdriver is not very useful as a
hammer and modify the screwdriver to hit your nail.

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