On Wed, 2012-09-12 at 10:32 -0700, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> We do not want to apply "git show" output that munges the log
> message, period.
> If you want to give patches to somebody (or to yourself) via e-mail
> or via sneaker-net, "git format-patch" is there for you.  Do not
> butcher "am" to accept a format that is not meant for patch
> transport in the first place.
> If you want to screw something in to your shelf, you would use a
> screw and a screwdriver.  You do not try to hammer a nail using your
> screwdriver, find that the screwdriver is not very useful as a
> hammer and modify the screwdriver to hit your nail.

That seems to be completely missing the point - people /send/ them
without knowing, and as a maintainer of several projects, it's /hostile/
to people who are trying to help by sending patches to go around in
circles with them about the fact that they typed the wrong command. I'd
rather just take the patch, but right now the tools won't let me, and
for completely arbitrary reasons.

Let me put it a different way - if you won't accept git-am handling "git
show" output because "git show" has output that wasn't designed to be
parsed ever, would you be opposed to a patch that switches the "git
show" output to be something usable?


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