Nguyen Thai Ngoc Duy <> writes:

> Should I interpret the silence as "I don't care, if you want it, go
> for it" or "not acceptable, but no reasons given"?

I do not speak for the others, but the reason I didn't respond is
none of the above. It is somewhere between "Meh" and "Anything that
says 'local language' and 'English' cannot be worth looking at."

I _think_ the patch was inspired by $gmane/204979, where I said:

    Or "LC_ALL=C LANG=C git format-patch ...".

    It does not bother me (even though I do not read Vietnamese), but
    this has been brought up a few times, and we may want to revert the
    i18n of the diffstat summary.  It does not seem to add much value to
    the system but annoys people.  After all, the "upstream" diffstat
    does not localizes this string (I just checked diffstat-1.55 with
    Jan 2012 timestamp).

and I have been waiting to see what others think.  I am so far
taking the silence in the thread to mean they do not mind seeing the
diffstat summary untranslated and they do not mind seeing it in
Klingon, as long as the three numbers are there with (+) and (-)

It is bad enough having to decide where the boundary between 'local
language' and 'C locale' should be drawn in the mixture.  I am not
enthused by an attempt to make the boundary tweakable, and worse
yet, to do so per command.

IMHO, we should just decide where to draw the line and be done with
it.  The users already know or can be trained to know to choose the
greatest common denominator when interacting with others.
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