Jeff King <> writes:

> I suspect we will end up with people not setting i18n.projectlang, and
> getting Klingon diffstats on the list.

Yes, but when our starting point is that the diffstat summary is not
meant for machine consumption, which I tend to agree, that is a
logical consequence no matter how you cut it, no?  After all, they
want to be careless when running format-patch meant for _this_
project whose project language is C locale, but still want to be
able to see output that is not meant for machine consumption in
their native language, and these are incompatible goals.

Giving them a mechanism so that they do not have to remember setting
LANG/LC_ALL every time they context switch into this project would
be the best we can do, I am afraid.

Unless somebody has a better design that does not involve three
languages (always C, project language and Klingon), that is.
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