Jeff King <> writes:

> I think I'd prefer:
>   1. Revert diffstat to always be in English/C locale for now. For all
>      commands. People too frequently end up showing the output of things
>      besides format-patch. It means they will have to read the English
>      when they are just running locally, but since format-patch is
>      generating it, it is something that they would need to
>      understand anyway.
>   2. If people on non-English projects find that too cumbersome, then we
>      can switch the "English/C" above for `i18n.projectlang` or
>      something.

That part I sort-of understand.

>      But it should not be per-command, but per-message, and
>      should include all output that is not diagnostic and is not
>      machine-parseable (e.g., what I mentioned above, request-pull
>      output, etc). If it is the project's language, then the team
>      members will need to know it anyway, so it should not be too big a
>      burden to have a potentially different language there than in the
>      diagnostic messages.

No matter what the project languages is, machine parseable part will
not be localized but fixed to "C" anyway, so I do not think it comes
into the picture.

My take on this is, if there is the project language, it should
apply to _everything_.  Please do not introduce any per-command,
per-message, per-anything mess.  Just set LANG/LC_ALL up and be done
with it.

And I think you justified why that is the right thing to do very
well in the second sentence in the above paragraph I quoted from

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