Am 9/18/2012 13:20, schrieb Matthieu Moy:
> Johannes Sixt <> writes:
>> From: Johannes Sixt <>
>> When the todo sheet of interactive rebase instructs to run a non-existing
>> command, the operation stops with the following error:
>>   Execution failed: no-such
>>   You can fix the problem, and then run
>>           git rebase --continue
>>   fatal: 'rebase' appears to be a git command, but we were not
>>   able to execute it. Maybe git-rebase is broken?
> While you're there, maybe you want to turn the first line into
> Execution failed: no-such (command not found)

No, I don't want to: Neither do we have errno here, nor can we be specific
enough because the whole shell script the user gave after 'exec' is
repeated here.

I would rather remove the line so that it does not distract from the more
specific error message that the shell gave. On top of that, the command is
already dumped before it is executed; we don't need to repeat it.

-- Hannes
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