Johannes Sixt <> writes:

> From: Johannes Sixt <>
> When the todo sheet of interactive rebase instructs to run a non-existing
> command, the operation stops with the following error:
>   Execution failed: no-such
>   You can fix the problem, and then run
>           git rebase --continue
>   fatal: 'rebase' appears to be a git command, but we were not
>   able to execute it. Maybe git-rebase is broken?
> The reason is that the shell that attempted to run the command exits with
> code 127. rebase--interactive just forwards this code to the caller (the
> git wrapper). But our smart run-command infrastructure detects this
> special exit code and turns it into ENOENT, which in turn is interpreted
> by the git wrapper as if the external command that it just executed did
> not exist.

That's a funny one ;-)
Will queue.  Thanks.
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