Adam Spiers <> writes:

> Adam Spiers (14):
>   Update directory listing API doc to match code
>   Improve documentation and comments regarding directory traversal API
>   Rename cryptic 'which' variable to more consistent name
>   Rename path_excluded() to is_path_excluded()
>   Rename excluded_from_list() to is_excluded_from_list()
>   Rename excluded() to is_excluded()
>   Refactor is_excluded_from_list()
>   Refactor is_excluded()
>   Refactor is_path_excluded()
>   For each exclude pattern, store information about where it came from
>   Refactor treat_gitlinks()
>   Extract some useful pathspec handling code from builtin/add.c into a
>     library
>   Provide free_directory() for reclaiming dir_struct memory
>   Add git-check-ignore sub-command

Please retitle these to have a short "prefix: " that names a
specific area the series intends to touch.  I retitled your other
series to share "test :" as their common prefix.

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