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> Other version control systems:
> I think the list needs to be sorted alphabetically, it's really long.

I have split this list in two: other centralized VCS and other distributed
VCS; both have "other" field.

> (You could also reduce and offer a text field "other.)

I tried to include all important VCS.  There is always problem with
analyzing responses from "other" field...

> Resources:
> I wouldn't put git-scm.com and the pro-git book into the same item.
> git-scm.com was supposed to be "the" git community website (and also
> "the" reference on git), and the fact that it looks like a pro-git book
> sales platform is a different matter.

Good catch. Originally there was "Git Community Book" on Git Homepage,
and "Pro Git" had its own homepage; now they are folded together.

I have slightly rewritten the description to account for this.

> An interesting question would be: "What is the first source you consider
> Git?", or even: "What is the Git homepage?"... Really, getting input on
> what "the Git homepage" should be like would be nice, but not comparable
> to previous surveys.

As you can see this year survey is [almost] bereft of essay free-form
questions.  It is because of difficulties and time needed to analyze such
responses. So I don't think such question will be included this year.

I think it is better discussion for git mailing list or something...

Jakub Narebski
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