Jakub Narębski <jna...@gmail.com> writes:

> Second, the situation is more complicated: one can be actively involved
> in 1 distributed project with 200+ contributors via Gerrit, often contribute
> to 1 centralized project with 15-25 contributors, and rarely interact with
> distributed project using "blessed" repository workflow where number
> of contributors range from few to few hundred.

We're doing a user survey, so if a project has 200 contributors, it will
statistically have 10 times more survey participants than a 20
contributors project. Sure, statistics don't always work, but if we
don't trust statistics, we shouldn't do a survey.

> Third, no other in matrix form.

Well, forcing the user to chose between existing options is not
necessarily bad IMHO. It at least avoids free-form answers like "I'm
doing almost exactly option b) but I don't call it this way so I didn't
tick b)".

Matthieu Moy
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