René Scharfe <> writes:

> "git 1" is the patch "archive-zip: support UTF-8 paths" added, which
> let's archive-zip make use of the UTF-8 flag.  "git 2" is "git 1" plus
> the patch "archive-zip: declare creator to be Unix for UTF-8
> paths". Both have been posted before.  "git 3" is "git 1" plus the new
> patch "archive-zip: write extended timestamp".
> Let's drop patch 2 (Unix as creator) and keep patches 1 (UTF-8 flag)
> and 3 (mtime field) to make archive-zip record non-ASCII filenames in
> a portable way.  It's not perfect, but I don't know how to do any
> better given that Windows' built-in ZIP functionality expects
> filenames in the local code page and with an international audience
> for projects distributing ZIP files.

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