Am 04.09.2012 23:03, schrieb Junio C Hamano:
René Scharfe <> writes:
+       if (has_non_ascii(path)) {

Do we want to treat \033 as "ascii" in this codepath?  The function
primarily is used by the log formatter to see if we need 8-bit CTE
when writing out in the e-mail format.

Argh, yes, I'd think so. The function name mislead me. This won't matter for compatibility testing, but should be corrected before inclusion.

Just checked: unzip strips the ESC character when extracting (whether the UTF-8 flag is set or not) and 7-Zip replaces it with an underscore. The built-in ZIP extractor of Windows 7 skips such a file; it doesn't even show up in archive directory listings.


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